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A Thistle & Shamerock Christmas (Green Linnet Records)
Abacus Records Sampler CD. (Abacus Records) Several great artists.
A Clear Day's Dawning (Greentrax Records) TITLE: A Clear Day's Dawning
Adam McNaughtan (Greentrax Records) TITLE: The Words That I used To Know
Addie Harper & The Wick Trio (Sorry no link available) Several songs. From Folk Music of Scotland.
Adrian Wagner (Artist Site) TITLE: Genesis Of The Grail Kings
Adrian Wagner (Media Quest) TITLE: Realm Of The Holy Grail Vol. 1.
Aengus Finnan (Shelter Valley) TITLE: Fools Gold
Aeram / Zenfly (Band Web Site) TITLE Nostradamus
Alastair Fraser & Tony Mcmanus (Culbernie Records) TITLE: Return To Kintail
Alasdair Fraser (Culburnie Records) TITLE: Auld Land Syne:
Alastair Gillies. (No link available) From the Cd Folkmusic From Scotland. (Dancing In Kyle)
Alastair McDonald (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Culloden's Harvest (See The Music Of Greentrax)
Aleen Carr (greentrax Records) TITLE: Green Yarrow.
Alexander Brothers (No link provided) From The Scottish CXollection Volume # 3.
Alimony ( Ramblin Records) TITLE: Bottomless
Alison Kinnaird (Temple Records) Great music from Temple Records (See Harps, Pipes & Fiddles)
Allison Lupton (Artists site) TITLE: My True Love
All The Best From Ireland (Sorry no link available)
All The Best From Scotland. (Sorry no link available)Compulation with several artists. Aly Bain (Temple records) See Harps, Pipes and Fiddles from Temple Records.
Amarillis ( TITLE: Waltzing With The Trees
Ann Gray (Artist's Site) TITLE: A Twist In The Tale.
Ann Gray (Artist's Site) TITLE: Shouting At Magpies.
Andy Stewart. (No link available)
Andy M. Stewart (Green Linnet Records, Compulation) TITLE: Traditional Music of Scotland.
Angus MacLeod TITLE: The Silent Ones Ann Heymann (Temple Records) see Harps Pipes & Fiddles Temple Records.
April Verch. (Rounder Records) TITLE: Vaerchuosity
Arthur Cormac (Temple Records) TITLE: Nuair Bha Mi Og
Atwater Donnelly (Bans Site) TITLE:Like The Willow Tree


Bag O' Cats ( Greentrax) TITLE: Out of The Bag.
Bannal (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Chaidh Mi "Na Ghlecleannan as t-Fhoghar
Barachois (Band Web Site) TITLE: Barachois
Barachois (Band Web Site) TITLE: Encore.
*Basia* (Sorry no link available)
Battlefield Band (Band Web Site) also see Temple Records TITLE: Happy Daze.
Battlefield Band (Band Web Site) also see Temple Records. TITLE: Across The Borders
Battlefield Band (Band Web Page) see also Temple Records. TITLE: Leaving Friday Harbor
BEN (Ramblin' Records) TITLE: Like A Wheel Touching ground.
Billy Ross ( Greentrax Records) TITLE: Shore Street
Black Watch The (42 RHR) (Greentrax) Title: The Ladies From Hell
Blarney Brothers (The) Artists Site) TITLE: A Fine Line Between Ambition And Delusion
Bohola (Senachie Records) TITLE: Bohola
Bonnie Whitehurst (Caryl-Hurst Music) TITLE: Songs Of The Angels.
Bonnie Whitehurst (Caryl-Hurst Music) TITLE: Songs of the Covenant.
Bonnie Whitehurst. (Caryl-Hurst Music) TITLE: Songs of the Soltice
Bonnie Whitehurst (Caryl-Hurst Music) TITLE: Songs of Myself.
Bonnie Whitehurst (Caryl-Hurst Music) TITLE: Songs of the Broadloom.
Borderers The TITLE: Inspired
Borderers The (Celtic Records) TITLE: Live @ 'The Gov"
Borderers The (Band Site) TITLE The Gathering
Bow Triplets (Band Web Page) TITLE: Never Too Early.
Brobdingnagian Bards (Band Site) TITLE: Gullible's Travels.
Brobdingnagian Bards (Band Site) TITLE Marked By Great Size.
Brobdingnagian Bards (Band Site) TITLE: Songs Of The Muse
Brian McNeil (With Battlefield Band) (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles.
Brian McNeil (Greentrax Records) TITLE: No Gods & Precious Few Heroes
Brother (Band Web Page) TITLE: Bagpipes Rock & Roll
Buddy Macmaster ( Atlantic Artists) TITLE: The Judique Flyer,
Burach (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Deeper.
Burach (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set Of Tunes (See The Music of Greentrax)


Calasaig (R2 Records) TITLE: Near & Far
Calum Kennedy (Sorry no link available)
Cantychiels (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Cantychiels.
Cape Breton's Best Fiddler Music: (Band Site) TITLE: More Bridges 2 Cross
Capercaillie (Green Linnet Records) {Compulation} Very popular Celtic band
Carfuffle Ceilidh Band (Folk Arts Center Of New England) TITLE: Muckle Carfuffle
Carreg Lafar (Band Site) TITLE: Hyn (Traditional Celtic Music of Wales)
Catherine -Ann MacPhee (Greentrax Records) TITLE: The Music Of Greentrax (compulation)
Celtic Connection (Band Site)TITLE: Higher
Celtic Connection (Band Site) TITLE: Forever.
Celtic Odyessey (No link available)
Celtic Orbis (band Web Page) TITLE: The Dagda's Cauldron.
Celtic Tenors The TITLE: So Strong
Ceolbeg ( Greentrax records) TITLE: Cairnwater
Celtic Fiddel Festival: (Green Linnet) TITLE: Rendezvous
Celtic Requiem (No Link Available)
Ce˛l Na Pioba (Greentrax) A Concert of Piobaireachd from the 1999 Edinburgh International Festival.
Christine Primrose (Temple Records) TITLE: Gun Sireadh, Gun Iarraidh (Without Seeing Without Asking)
Christoper Dean (Cairney Hill Music) TITLE: Heighland Heritage
Chulrua (Band Web Site) TITLE: Barefoot on the Altar...A pure Celtic Delight
Clandestine (Band Web Site) TITLE:To Anybody AT all.
Clann An Drumm (Celtic Rebel) TITLE: Tried & True
*Clan Na Gael* (No link Available) TITLE: Rain and Thunder.
Clan Na Gael (No Link Available) TITLE: Old Ground
Clarke Sisters The (Artists Site) TITLE: The Clarke Sisters
Clumsy Lovers The TITLE: Under The Covers With The Clumsy Lovers
Cotters Bequest (Locrain Records) TITLE: Singles & Samples A great collection from all the Celtic Nations Craig Markley (Lone Raven Music) TITLE: The Lone Raven
Crasdant (Band Site) TITLE: Nos Sadwrn Bach Not Yet Saturday
Croppies (Band Web Site) TITLE: Sick & Tired of Working.
Cucanandy (Band Web Site) TITLE: He Didn't Dance.
Cuig (Band Web Site) TITLE: Prospect
Cuillin (Band Web Site) TITLE: Cool-in
Culture Ceilidh Band. (No link available) From Folkmusic From Scotland. Several selections.


Danu: (Shanachie Records) TITLE: All Things Considered
Darby O'Gill (Band Site) TITLE: Driven To Drink
Darby O'Gill (Band Site) TITLE: Waitin For A Ride
Dave Bainbridge, David Fitzgerald (SGO Music) TITLE: The Eye of The Eagle
David Wilkie (No link at present time) TITLE: Cowboy Celtic
Deaf Shepherd (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes. (See The Music of Greentrax)
Deaf Shepherd (Artists Site) TITLE: Even In The Rain
Donal Lunny (Rounder Records) TITLE; Journey.
P/M Donald MacLeod MBE. (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Tenents Memorial Competition 2000. Dewars Compulation CD (The Knitting Factory) TITLE: Dewars Bagpipe Festival.
Dougie Pincock & P/M Iain MacDonald (Temple Records) {Compulation} TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Donald Black (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes (See The Music of Greentrax)
Dr. Angus MAcDonald (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes and Fiddles
Dreamcraft: (Intercity Records) TITLE: Echoes of Ancient Songs
Drinkers Droth (GreenTrax) TITLE: A Tribute
Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe Band. ( Greentrax Records) TITLE: The 45 Revolution.
Duncan MacGillivray (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles


Eric Bogle. (GreenTrax) TITLE: Endangered Species.
Eric Bogle (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Somewhere In America
Eric Bogle: (GreenTrax) TITLE: By Request.


Faust & Lewis (Pickle Head Records) TITLE: Classy Trash.
Fiddlers' Bid (Greentrax) TITLE: Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer
Fiddlers Five (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles.
Fiddlers' SOns (Band Site) TITLE: Beaches of Home
Fiddlers' Sons (Band Site) TITLE: Changing Times
Finlay MacNeill (Temple Records) TITLE: Fonn is Furan
Flora MacNeil (Orain Floraidh) (Temple Records) TITLE: Songs of Flora MacNeil.
Flook (Band web site) TITLE: Flatfish.
Flook (Artists Page) TITLE: Rubai
Folk Music From Scotland. (Sorry no link available) Compulation with several artists.
Frank Quin (Arhoolie Records) TITLE: If Your Irish.


Gaelic Women (GreenTrax) Compulation of the best of the best. TITLE: Gaelic Women
Ged Foley (Temple Records) See Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Geroge & Anwyn Leverett (Skye Boat Records) TITLE: Skye Boat
George Worthley (Artist Site) TITLE: I want To Be In Scotland.
George Worthley (Artist Site) TITLE: Lazy Mercedes Tug.
George Worthley (Artist Site) TITLE: Plain Brown Wrapper
George Worthley TITLE: Scotch On The Rocks.
Gill Bowman (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Dream Angus
Glen Daily (Sorry no link available) From The Scottish Collection # 3
Gordie Sampson (Personal Web Site) TITLE: Stones.
Gordon Gunn Band (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Shoreside.
Gordon Mooney & Barbara Mooney (Temple Records) Title: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Gordon Duncan (Greentrax Records) TITLE: set of Tunes
Great compulation from Temple Records TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles.
Great 78 (Ramblin' Records) TITLE: Brother
Green Linnet Records (Green Linnet) TITLE: 25 years of Celtic Music.


Hammish Moore (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set Of Tunes.
Heartland (R2 Records) TITLE: Back To The Heartland
Heather Alexander (Artists Site) TITLE: A Gypsy's Home
Heather Alexander (Artist Site) TITLE: Midsummer
Heather Haywood (Greentrax Records) TITLE: The Sounds of the Shore.
Howie MacDonald & Ashley MacIsaac (Celestial Entertainment) TITLE: Cape Breton Fiddle Music NOT CALM.
Highland Connection (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch.


Ian McKinnon & Gayle H. Martin. (Ground Swell Records) TITLE: Air Races.
IONA (SGO Music) TITLE: Woven Cord.
Iona (SGO Music) TITLE:Open Sky Irish Decendents (Band Web Site) TITLE: The best Of The Irish Decendants.
28 Irish Pub Songs. (Sorry no link available) Compulation of Irish Pub Songs
Ishbel MacAskill (Artist Web Site) TITLE: Sioda.
Ishbel MacAskill ( Artists Web Site) TITLE: Essentially Ishbel.


Jack Beck (Greentrax) TITLE: O'Lassie Lassie
Jack Evans (Greentrax) TITLE: Once Upon A Time In The North
James Malcolm (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Up The Noran Water.
Janet Russel & Christien Kydd (Greentrax Records) TITLE: The Terror Time.
Jean Redpath MBE. (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Jamie Come Try Me
Jennifer Licko (Artists Site) TITLE: Cave Of Gold
Jennifer White. (Knockgrafton Productions) TITLE: Clarsach. Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies (Band Site) TITLE: Honesty Box
Jim MacLeod and his band. (No link available)
Jimmy Shand (Sorry no link available) Several LPs
Joann Gilmartin (Artists site) TITLE: Celtic Recital.
Joann Gilmartin (Glasgow Girl Productions) TITLE: Scots Wha' Hae.
Joann Gilmartin. (Glasgowgirl Productions) TITLE: Celt In California.
Jock Tomson's Bairns (GreenTrax) TITLE: May You Never Lack A Scone
John Cunningham (Greenlinet Records) Title: Traditional Music Of Scotland
Johnny Cunningham/Christine LeMaitre (Green Linnet) TITLE: Celtic Fiddle Festival
John D. Burgess (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pi0es & Fiddles
John McCusker (Temple records) TITLE: Yella Hoose.
John Spyder MacDonald (Artist Site) TITLE: By Sea By Land
John Wright Band (Greentrax Records) TITLE: A Few Short Lines.
Johnny Boy's (TurnTable Records) TITLE: Power O' The Wind.
Jolaseydur ( write us for the address) LIMITED EDITION
Josie Vodicka (Write us for order information) TITLE: Josie Vodicka
June Taybor (Green Linnet) TITLE Rosa Mundi


Keltik Electric (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Keltik Electrik 2.
Kevin Crawford (Greenlinnet) TITLE In Good Company.
King Has Landed The (Greentrax) Compulation of Songs of the Jacobite Risings Kilt (Band Web Site.) TITLE: If Everyone Went Home Sure The Island Would Sink
KORONG (Green Linnet Records) TITLE: KORNOG.


Laura Powers (Powervibe Music) TITLE: Legends Of The Goddess
Laura Powers (Powervibe Music) TITLE: Beyond The Pale, Legends of The Goddess Part 2.
Lenahan (Celtic Rock) TITLE: Hooligans In Suits, Live From The UK.
Lena Martel (Sorry no link provided) From The Scottish Collection Vol. # 3
Lenahan (Celtic Rock) Title: Lenahan
Life Scapes (No link available)
Liz Carroll (Green Linnett) TITLE: Lake Effect
Lothlorien (Band Web Site) TITLE: Greenwood Side.
Lucy Mongrel (Mogrel Music) TITLE:Lucy Mongrel.
L˙nasa (Band Web Page) TITLE: Other World.
Lunasa (GreenTrax) Title: The Merry Sisters Of Fate
L˙nasa (SGO Music) TITLE: L˙nasa..
Lynn Morrison (GreenTrax) TITLE: Cave of Gold. Celtic Lullabies.


MacAlias (Greentrax) TITLE: Highwired
MacLear TITLE: MacLear.
Magic & Mystery (Temple Records Compulation) TITLE Majestic Music From Scotland & Ireland
Maggie Drennon (Loose Goose Productions) TITLE: Maggie Drennon
Malinky (Greentrax records) TITLE: Last Leaves.
Malinky (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Ravens
Marie Fielding (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Mairi MacInnes (Greentrax records) TITLE: Eilean M'Araich
Maire Ni Chathasaigh ( Temple records) See Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
Mark Fitzimons (Mark's web site) TITLE: Creatures of the Undergrowth:
Mary Jane Lamont (Artists Web Site) TITLE: LÓn D¨il:
Margret Stewart & Allan MacDonald (Greentrax) TITLE: Colla Mo Run
McCalmans (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Keepers.
The McCalmans (Greentrax) TITLE: Where The Sky Meets The Sea


Narada Collection Series ( No Link Available)
Natalie MacMaster (Rounder Records) TITLE: Live
Natalie MacMaster (GreenTrax) TITLE: In MY Hands
Neil Browning (Email) TITLE: Scwisbocs
Niamh Parsons: (Green Linnet Records) TITLE: In My Prime
Niamh Parsons (Greentrax) TITLE: Hearts Desire North Sea Gas (We shall have a link shortly) TITLE: Hawks & Eagles
Nua Tearainn (Green Linnet Records) TITLE: New Celtic Music From Green Linnet.


Old Blind Dogs (greenlinnet) TITLE: FIT. Old Dogs with New Tricks.
On The Wagon (Band Web Site) TITLE: The Eagle, The Mountain and The Red, Red Deer.
On The Wagon (Big County Music) TITLE: Reels On Wheels


Paddy G. & The Mennie Men (No link write us for the email address) TITLE: Bare Bones.
Patricia Brady No link write us for the email address) TITLE: Irish Jubilee.
Phamie Gow (Greentrax) TITLE: Lammer Muir
Phil Coulter (No link available)
Providence (Band Web Site) TITLE:Providence



Rag Foundation (Band Site) TITLE: Spiritoso/Promo CD
Rawlins Cross (Rawlins Cross Entertainment) TITLE Make It On Time.
Relativity (Green Linnet Records)
Rob MacKillop (GreenTrax) TITLE: Flowers Of The Forest Great tradional instramental CD.
Rob MacKillop (Greentrax) TITLE: The Healing
Robin Lang (Greentrax records) TITLE: The Summer of 46
Rod Paterson (Greentrax) TITLE: Up To Date.
Rod Paul (Greentrax) TITLE: Birlinn.
Rogues (The) Title: Off Kilter The Rogues ( Band Site) Title: Live In Canada Eh?
The Rogues ( Band Site) Title: V.O.
Robin Huw Bowen (Marquis Records) TITLE: Old Hearth
Ron Gonnella (Sorry No Link Available) From the CD Folkmusic From Scotland
Royal Stuarts (Band Web Site) TITLE: ON The Throne Again.
RUA (Greentrax Records) TITLE: The Moon And St. Christopher
Runrig (Band Web Site) TITLE: Long Distance.
Runrig (Band Web Site) TITLE: In Search Of Angels


Sangsters (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Silence and tears
Sarah McQuaid (Round Tower Records) TITLE: When Two Lovers Meet
Scots Women (Greentrax) Celtic Connection 2001
Scott MacMillan (Tide Music Distribution) TITLE: Minnie Sessions Volume one
Scott MacMillan (Tidemark Music Distribution) TITLE: Minnie Sessions Volume two.
Scott MacMillan (Tidemark Music Distribution) TITLE: Minnie Sessions Volume three
Scott MacMillan (Allegro Music) TITLE: Celtic Mass for the Sea
*Scottish Pipes and Drums (Compulation)*
Scot's Women (Greentrax Compulation 2 CD) TITLE: Live From Celtic Connections 2001
*Scotland The Brave (Sorry no link provider available) TITLE: Bagpipes Greatest Hits
Scotland (sorry no link provider) TITLE: The Bagpipes and Drums of Scotland
Scottish Traditional Tales (Greentrax) TITLE: Scottish Traditional Tales
Sean McCabe & Cady Finlayson ( Artists Site) TITLE: Take Two.
Seelyhoo (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes
Seanachie (Band Site) TITLE: A Quarrel With Whisky.
Seanachie (Band Site) TITLE: Telling Tales.
Seven Nations (Band web site) TITLE: The Factory.
Seven Nations, (Band Wed Site) TITLE: The Pictou Sesions.
Sheena Wellington (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Strong Women Rule Us All With Their Tears
Shooglenifty (GreenTrax) TITLE: A Whisky Kiss.
Shotts & Dykehead Caladonia Pipe Band (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddlers
Shooglenifty (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Venus In Tweeds
Sia La Belle TITLE: Sia La Belle.
Sian James (Artists Site) TITLE: Pur
Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums. (Band web site) TITLE: Wake Up There Man.
Silver Theistle Pipes & Drums (Band Site) TITLE: SambaThistle Brazil
Six Mile Bridge TITLE: No Reason.
Six Mile Bridge TITLE: Unabridged
Skyedance (Culbernie Records) TITLE: Labyrinth
Smalltalk (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Rosie Anderson
Solas (Shanachie Records) TITLE: The Edge Of Silence Song of The Green Linnet (Green Linnet Records). Compulation
Stairheid Gossip (Greentrax) TITLE: Stirrin' It Up
Steve Glotzer, (Six String Records) TITLE: Life Imitates Art.
Stravaig (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Song Of The Fishgutters
* Stompin Tom Connors* (Sorry no link available)
STUC (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Centenery Album,
Susan McKeown (Green Linnet Records) TITLE: Lowlands


Tantallon (Band Email site) Title: The Blood Is Strong.
Tantallon ( Artists Email) Title: Emigrant eyes
Tara's Thistle (Artists Site) TITLE: From There To Here
The Bagpipes and Drums of Scotland ( Sorry no link available) The Gordon Highlanders.
The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (Sorry no link available)
The Dram Beauties. (Band Web Site) TITLE: Crossroads
The Indulgers. (Celtic Club Records) TITLE: In Like Flynn:
The McCalmans (Greentrax) TITLE: Neil Gow's Apprentice
The Music & Song of Greentrax: (Greentrax Records) A 2 CD set Compulation
*The Music of Scotland (Sorry no link available) The Scottish National Pipe & Drum Corps
The Nettles (Band Web Site) TITLE: The Nettles
The Punters (Band Site) TITLE: Will You Wait
The Punters TITLE: Mad About Trad.
The Scottish Collection Vol # 1 (Sorry no link available)
The Scottish Collection Vol. # 2 (Sorry no link available)
The Scottish Collection Vol # 3. (Sorry no link available)
The Piping (Temple Records) TITLE: 1997 Recital Series, Volume # 4 Ian Duncan & Roddy MacLeod
The Piping (Temple Records) TITLE: 1997 Recital Series Volume # 3 , Arthur Gillies & Major Gavin Stoddart
The Piping (Themple Records) 3rd Recital Series TITLE: Vol II Allan MacDonald & Gordon Walker
The Piping (Temple Records) 3rd Recital Series TITLE: Vol 1 Brian Lamond & Richard Parkes
*The Pogues* (Sorry no link available)
The Octet (Tide Mark Records) TITLE: Songs of The Cape.
The Rowallan Consort (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles
The Scottish Gas Caledonian Pipe Band (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes
The Tannanhill Weavers (Green Linnet Records) TITLE: Alchemy.
Thulbion (Greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes
Tommy Sands (Green Linnet) TITLE; To Shorten The Winter (an Irish Christmas)
Tony McManus (Grentrax Records) TITLE:The Music & Song of Greentrax
Troy Donockley (Allience Music) TITLE: The Unseen Stream;
Tuath (Band Web Site) TITLE:TUATH Reels & Rondo
Two O'Clock Courage (Band Web Site) TITLE: Postcards Home
Two O'Clock Courage (Band Web Site) TITLE: Feets of Courage.



Valerie Cardill (Islandnet Records Artist Web Page) TITLE: In The Courtyard.
Vincent Griffin (Temple Records) TITLE: Harps, Pipes & Fiddles.


Whistleblinkies (greentrax Records) TITLE: Set of Tunes




Zenfly / Aeram (Band Web Page) TITLE: Nostradamus
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